2014 - Group exhibition, "8 homes, 8 families, 8 photographers", Art Market, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2015 - Group exhibition, "Graduates of photography institutions", The open Museum of Photography, Tel Hai, Israel.

2016 - Group exhibition, "Meitar Prize Nominees", The international photography festival, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2016 - Group exhibition, "Nothern Star", Shaar3, Haifa, Israel.

2017 - Group Exhibition, “A story the world needs to see”, Berlin Feminist Film Festival, Berlin, Germany.

2017 - Group Exhibition, "Interior-Exterior", Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

2018 - Group Exhibition (curator and participant), "The Spring and The Hawk", Kuli Alma Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2019 - Group Exhibition, “Salon Kandinof”, Beit Kandinof, Tel Aviv, Israel.