The sun and the moon, 2017


“You’re leaving, Yulchik…,” said Dad while standing by my side at the St. Petersburg airport in April 1994.
“Don’t be sad, daddy,” I replied, “I’ll go and then I’ll return.” 

And do, for the past twenty-four years I have been traveling back and forth on an invisible graph composed of space and time, like a bunch of keys lost at home, waiting for its owner to recall where he had last seen it.

The transience and finality of matter fascinate me.
They frighten me.
They excite me.
Sometimes I look at them, and they are resonating in everything, almost threatening, as if they were Sirens approaching my safe grounds. Other times they are just a momentary and unbearably pleasant disruption in a sophisticated software, like an accidental, almost involuntary contact between two soft and familiar to each other bodies.

In the act of photography, I would like to eternize these; the time that has passed, the time that remains, and the inevitable, divine tragedy of matter, that comes to stand between them, every time I touch the shutter.

Julia was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia (1988).
In 1994 she immigrated with her Mother to Israel.
In 2014 she graduated from the photography department of The NB School of Design, Haifa, Israel (B.F.A).
From 2016 to 2018 she lived in Berlin, Germany, where she continued to develop her body of work.

Currently Julia lives and works in Israel.